Frequently Asked Questions

Whether a member at Kindred or a friend of this ministry, we would love for you to participate in our Take the Hill project at whatever level God leads you.

  1. Q: Does it matter if I donate to the Vision Fund or Take the Hill for this project?
    No, it’s the same fund, we’ve just updated the name to reflect our new project.
  2. Q: Once we have raised the funds, how soon can the project start?
    We can start as early as March/April of 2022, based on our schedule to complete our design and build documents and obtain the final city approvals and permits.
  3. Q: How long is the project once it starts?
    The total project is estimated to take 9-12 months once we break ground.
  4. Q: Why not move the former nursery modular up for KU?
    There are several reasons why we’re not moving that modular. It’s structurally entrenched and moving it would be very difficult and costly. We don’t need that much capacity for KU and that large of structure would crowd the space in that area. So, we plan to use it as a generic multi-use room for various and special events.
  5. Q: Will the top road be raised to the same level as the church?
    No, the cost for that much earthwork would be very expensive, and a raised road would hamper our view from the campus.
  6. Q: Will the lower entrance parking lots be paved?
    A: No, paving that much additional surface would require many more levels of permits and other requirements. But there are different porous materials that can be used to cover those lots instead of the current dirt and gravel.
  7. Q: Can I donate stocks or other financial securities?
    A: Yes. The donation of appreciated securities can be a very tax-efficient method of giving. Stocks, Mutual fund shares, or other securities can be transferred to Kindred Community Church and you can avoid the capital gain tax in a sale. Contact your financial advisor or tax account to see how it could work for you. Should you decide to make a donation of securities, this is the information you’ll need: Kindred Community Church/Merrill Lynch account 7DW-03264 (Vision Fund).
  8. Q: Are there plans to expand the kitchen? 
    A: We don’t have plans to expand it, but we will be looking to update appliances and finishes within it. Our kitchen is a fully functional commercial kitchen that has the capacity – equipment and room – for our current and future church size. But we often let it get crowded with items that need to be stored elsewhere so that there’s enough room to work in.