November 17th, 2022 | Progress Update

We have some exciting updates on our progress to our campus expansion from Pastor Jason, as well as an update on our new Core Classes! Take a look!

Greetings Kindred,

Pastor Jason coming to you from the spot where the Kindred Overflow tent used to be located, as you can see we are getting serious about this “Take the Hill” thing and our tent is coming down in preparation for the construction that is about to start.

Let me just say a word about how grateful I am for this tent, not only has it served as a great overflow for our worship services for the past five years, but it has hosted numerous ministry events and meetings and has been used as a tool for ministry in ways we never could have been anticipated. So for now, this tent will get repaired, cleaned and put into storage until we put it back up in its new location as we progress in construction.

I know that many of you use this tent on a regular basis on Sunday, so let me help you know how to navigate our campus tent-less on a Sunday.

  1. We are packing a ton of extra seats into the worship center, so there will be room for everyone.
  2. For those of you with littles and babies that you keep with you, we have our mothers room down in the nursery where the services are broadcast, alternately on a nice day you are welcome to hang out on the patio (until it gets torn up). You are also welcome to bring your little one with you into the worship center, we only ask that you please be courteous of those around you if your baby starts to get noisy and exit.

I want to thank you in advance for your flexibility as we work to enhance and expand our ministry campus. Keep watching our videos for more updates soon.